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  • LituanicaSat-1


         LituanicaSAT-1 is an educational project. It’s primary mission objective is to provide university students and young engineers knowledge & real hands-on experience in satellite engineering thereby helping to develop infrastructure and know-how in space technology by interdisciplinary interaction between academia and industry in Lithuania. LituanicaSAT-1 will carry Lithuanian open-source software and hardware for…

  • LituanicaSat-1 repeater rev.2

    LituanicaSat-1 repeater rev.2

    LituanicaSat-1 FM repeater board. Now working ant testing with PA 15W and duplexer for dualband dual direction YAGI TX                                           433,550  15W RX                                          145,575 CTCSS PL 67 Hz Loction                                   Elektrėnai, Lithuania Call                                         LY3H WWLoc                                  KO24IS Antenna                                 X300 TX 10.5 dBi, RX 7.5 dBi. H from ground                       55m Sound indentification          LY3H RTX Duplexer PA simple tuning to 433 Mhz  73! de LY3H I explicitly…

  • UHF 9v + 9h handheld cross YAGI for satellite

    UHF 9v + 9h handheld cross YAGI for satellite

    UHF 9v + 9h handheld cross YAGI for satellite 436,5 MHz center. Required  113 mm length of 100 Ohm coaxial cable transform to 50 Ohm. Antenna is working very well. Sample: CUTE1,7 cross yagi  on RTL-SDR USB dongle     73! de LY3H  

  • VHF UHF cross band repeater

    VHF UHF cross band repeater

    UHF VHF cross band repeater based on “LituanicaSat-1” satellite prototype FM section. Simple modifide PA from 150mW to 1,5W and added diplexer for antenna. Input: 145.575 MHz CTCSS needed 67 Hz tone Output: 433.550 MHz  1.5W Antenna: Open sleeve dipole Height from the ground: 40 m All on post case 🙂 Diplexer “LituanicaSat-1” CubeSat FM cross band repeater prototype…

  • VHF UHF YAGI handheld antenna for satellite

    VHF UHF YAGI handheld antenna for satellite

    VHF UHF dual band YAGI antenna for satellite and my first QSO via SO50 satellite with ES5CC station 🙂 TRX 5W : WOUXUN KG-UVD1 QSO sample: SO50 first QSO components mounting 50Ohm cable direct conected to dipole without any baluns   Elements diameter 3.2mm aluminium with magnium, springy and light 73! de LY3H

  • Slim Jim antenna for 433 MHz

    Slim Jim antenna for 433 MHz
  • 70cm RX

    70cm RX

    73! de LY3H