LituanicaSat-1 repeater rev.2

LituanicaSat-1 FM repeater board.

FM repeater rev2

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Now working ant testing with PA 15W and duplexer for dualband dual direction YAGI

TX                                           433,550  15W

RX                                          145,575 CTCSS PL 67 Hz

Loction                                   Elektrėnai, Lithuania

Call                                         LY3H

WWLoc                                  KO24IS

Antenna                                 X300 TX 10.5 dBi, RX 7.5 dBi.

H from ground                       55m

Sound indentification          LY3H RTX

FM repeater rev2


PA simple tuning to 433 Mhz PA

73! de LY3H

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18 responses to “LituanicaSat-1 repeater rev.2”

  1. Красиво и грамотно выполнено! Я рад, что Вы собираете конструкции своими руками, сейчас это редкость! До встречи на слёте 2016 года!
    Заходите на мой сайт, буду рад!

    YL2GL Валерий

  2. A word on staking , and vibration… Thing sthat unscrew or unbolt usually got staked with rtv on our sounding rockets payloads.

    Jarick did point out that you have a package from minicircuits on the board. Sometimes the transformers in them have no mechanical support an you may end up with a broken connection internally… but sometimes they fill the transformer with hot glue

    Also, I don’t see any means of support for the middle of the board. Vibration during launch could literally pop components off of the board.

    Also, we never used SMA connectors. We used SMB sealectros. They do not screw on, they snap on and can swivel freely. So if something pulls on the cable, the connector will rotate. Also, just top be sure we would stake them with a dab of rtv.

    If anything has a tendency to be loose or vibrate or unscrew, stake it or tie it down.

    (your board looks wonderful).


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