UHF 9v + 9h handheld cross YAGI for satellite

UHF 9v + 9h handheld cross YAGI for satellite 436,5 MHz center. Required  113 mm length of 100 Ohm coaxial cable transform to 50 Ohm.

Antenna is working very well.


CUTE1,7 cross yagi  on RTL-SDR USB dongle




UHF 9v + 9h cross YAGI

UHF 9v + 9h cross YAGI diagram

YAGI cross photo73! de LY3H



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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking to construct a cross-yagi like the one pictured. I am in Canada – it has now become especially difficult to find 3.2mm aluminium. How do the element lengths change if using 6.25mm aluminium instead?

  2. According to the coax transformer matching calculations, to match a coax of 50ohms to a system (antenna) of 100ohms, you need a piece of coax which is ~70ohms, is this correct? What coax is available at 100ohms?

  3. Hello there,

    Thank you for providing your design. It is very nice and interesting. Could you please explain about it’s impedance matching to 50ohm? Did you measure the SWR or S11 of the antenna?


    • Hello,

      finaly antenna is ~50 Ohm. SWR ~1.1 on 436,5 Mhz
      Separated vertical and horizontal antenna impedance is 100 ohms, but once connected to one is ~ 50 ohm impedance. I hope this will help you


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