VHF UHF cross band repeater

UHF VHF cross band repeater based on “LituanicaSat-1” satellite prototype FM section. Simple modifide PA from 150mW to 1,5W and added diplexer for antenna.

Input: 145.575 MHz CTCSS needed 67 Hz tone

Output: 433.550 MHz  1.5W

Antenna: Open sleeve dipole

Height from the ground: 40 m

LY3H repeater case2

LY3H repeater case1

repeater case4

All on post case 🙂

repeater case3




“LituanicaSat-1” CubeSat FM cross band repeater prototype

LituanicaSat-1 prototype

Antenna “Open sleeve dipole” dual band RX 2m 0 dBd, TX 70cm 2.5 dBd

Open sleeve dipole

VHF UHF cross band repeater

73! LY3H

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