VHF UHF YAGI antenna for satellite

VHF UHF YAGI antenna for satellite and my first QSO via SO50 satellite with ES1CC station 🙂


SO50 first QSO

VHF UHF YAGI antenna photo VHF UHF YAGI antenna73! de LY3H

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  1. EDUARDO / 6-27-2016 / ·

    If I use elements with diamond 9,75mm changes the SWR? What about SWR in this case?How to fix?
    What is the distance between the elements in the feed point?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Dimitrios Ciparissas / 4-28-2015 / ·

    Hello friend !

    Could you please inform me the total boom (101.3cm + x) according the picture at the wall of yours. 73`s de sa0bgi-sv7jlz. (sa0bgi@yahoo.com) 🙂

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