SnaLY-160 (Scalar USB network analyzer)

 Interface sweep

Interface generator

SNALY160 v003


SNA-LY front

Technical specification: OS: WinXp, Vista, Windows7 (64 ir 32 bit) Sweep range: 100 KHz – 160 MHz. Generator range: 10 KHz – 160 MHz. Output ~1,7 V pp on 50 Ohm load Achievable measurement range -75… +17dBm (limited by AD8307 and construction) Powered directly from USB (~70mA) Software calibration function for linearization.
This tool is completely freeware SNA-LY for controller firmware and desktop software. SnaLY-160-Windows-driver-Installation instruction.
Shortly about software. I tried to make software intuitive – one can get used to it within minutes 🙂 There are two markers controlled by left or right mouse buttons. If mouse pointer is placed on dB window edge – amplitude measuring range may be expanded/collapsed using mouse wheel.
If you have questions/comments feel free contacting me: Happy exploring (building/using)
73! Žilvinas LY3H

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