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  • Cw Decoder Logic

    Cw Decoder Logic

    New free  Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.5 release 2016.11.10 Changelog:1. Add station selection on waterfall.2. Fixed program stability. More info: CwDecoderLogicV1005.pdf New free  Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.4 release 2016.11.08 Changelog:1. Add auto squelch function.2. Add smart auto tracking function.3. Ignore spicks.4. Increased decoder sensitivity and accuracy.5. Add speed limitation function for low and high speed. Look: Menu / Configuration /…

  • SnaLY-160 (Scalar USB network analyzer)

    SnaLY-160 (Scalar USB network analyzer)

      Technical specification: OS: WinXp, Vista, Windows7 (64 ir 32 bit) Sweep range: 100 KHz – 160 MHz. Generator range: 10 KHz – 160 MHz. Output ~1,7 V pp on 50 Ohm load Achievable measurement range -75… +17dBm (limited by AD8307 and construction) Powered directly from USB (~70mA) Software calibration function for linearization. This tool…