Cw Decoder Logic

Cw Decoder Logic

New free  Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.5 release 2016.11.10

1. Add station selection on waterfall.
2. Fixed program stability.

More info: CwDecoderLogicV1005.pdf

Download: CwDecoderLogic v1005 (31406 downloads)

New free  Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.4 release 2016.11.08

1. Add auto squelch function.
2. Add smart auto tracking function.
3. Ignore spicks.
4. Increased decoder sensitivity and accuracy.
5. Add speed limitation function for low and high speed. Look: Menu / Configuration / CW tab.
6. Real time speed detection.

Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.3 release 2016.11.03

1. Increased decoder sensitivity and accuracy.
2. Increased program speed due to code optimizations.
3. Remember all last program configuration: windows position, size, selected device, auto manual
modes, windows waterfall / spectrum splitter position, contrast and levels.
4. Interface modification.
5. Device selection now in Menu / Device select
Program uses optimized narrow 80 Hz DSP filter for 5 – 60 WPM speed.
Few screen shots:

cw-decoder-logic-tips cw-decoder-logic-device

Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.2 release 2016.10.23

1. Fixed bug with colors and components positions on different Windows versions.
Also changing Windows themes now all should be set OK.
2. Fixed flicking on text.
3. Fixed program stability.
4. Added “Always on top” function.
5. Added resize function.
6. Added text selection and copy function.
7. Added possibility to send selected text to external Logger via UDP protocol.
8. Added logger source code example and program for logger developers.
Demo program Start / Programs / LY3H / UDPLogger.exe
Please try it.
9. Replacement of the installation path. Now in Start / Programs / HAM LY3H /

Cw Decoder Logic v1.0.0.1 release 2016.10.17 for Windows: Vista sp2, 7, 8, 10.
Program uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. Please install it if requested by setup.

Speed 5 – 60 WPM
Auto tracking CW signal in 3 KHz range or manually select the station.
Auto speed detection in few msecs.
“Tips” feature. If mouse moved on unknown word, tip popups with annotation about this word.
Also familiar words are separated.

For advanced user: In install directory there is a “tips.ini” file.
User can translate content or add new tips if wanted using following format:

This is free software for my friends (HAM)

73! de LY3H